About Us

Shenzhen Smartag Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, which is a professional manufacturer of smart cards, electronic labels, reader equipments and other RFID  products engaged in the research of RFID technology and products.The products have been widely used in the areas of security, logistics, assets management, anti-faked and so on.

Main products of the Company include contact IC card and RFID electronic labels. The Company has a number of advanced production lines on bonding, ultrasonic wiring, printing, laminating flip chip, laser printing at home and abroad while providing customers with the follow-up coding data, program loading , COS developing and personalizing as well as other auxiliary services. Besides, the Company has also established an important partnership with NXP, EM, ALIEN, IMPINJ, ATMEL, Fudan and other microelectronic manufacturers.

The company implements a strategy of winning by quality with comprehensive introduction and implementation of ISO9000:2000 Quality Management System. So as to actively meet the challenges in achieving the Company's business objectives "Higher Management Level and Qualiy Standard , Greater Benefit Level and Enterprise Scale ".Thus achieves continuous improvement and sustainable development purposes.

Smartag --- Sincerely  cooperates with old and new friends in various areas to build a better future!
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