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ISO14443A Portable Card Reader
IC-USB portable card reader ST-HF-02
ISO14443A Reader
IC-USB interface card reader ST-HF-01 Product model: ST-HF-01
UHF Reader
UHF Reader Product Parameters It’s designed by program Impinj R2000, with good multi-tag processing capability and anti-jamming performance which can penetrate 20DB car explosion-proof membrane. Working Frequency:902~928MHZ(Broad-spectrum frequency h
HF Reader
• Working Frequency:13.56MHZ • Communication Interface:RS232、USB、RS485、offline • R/W Distance:0~70mm • Serial communication baud rate:1200BPS~115200BPS • Can expand 1~3 SAM deck and 1 big deck • Appearance Size:143mm×110mm×28mm
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