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RFID Applications News 2019-12-25

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Update time : 2019-12-25 11:01:58

1. Inner Mongolia pot inspection institute mainly handles electronic labels of vehicle gas cylinders for 500 gas vehicles of the bus corporation

Recently, the Inner Mongolia Hohhot 500 newly introduced gas transport, public transport corporation in order to ensure the vehicles put into operation in a timely manner, pan courtyard out special forces, 500 sets of overtime for gas transport nearly 700 automobile cylinder only handles the vehicle cylinder electronic label, can timely solve the gas transport in the premise of electronic labels, to open air gun aerated using LPG stations and yards.

2. Kunming cigarette factory develops cigarette logistics tracking system with RFID to realize intelligent production upgrade

Hongyun honghe group using self-developed logistics tracking system, the "scan" packaging on RFID tags, vehicle loading outbound slices smoke, grade, quantity, batch information such as year, producing area, varieties, clearly displayed on the terminal screen, fast complete smoke outbound inventory work, implements from processing is obtained to the whole process of silk feeding logistics tracking and quality tracking.

3. $10 billion valuation!
Apple may buy broadcom's rf chip business

Apple supplier broadcom is reportedly looking to sell one of its wireless chip divisions, and apple could be a potential buyer.
Broadcom's RF division generated $2.2 billion in revenue in fiscal 2019, meaning it "could be worth $10 billion."

4. Smartrac provides RFID converters for industrial and animal identification applications

According to Smartrac, low-frequency RFID converters provide temperature sensing and recognition for a variety of industrial products and animals.
The glass label temperature sensor is the latest addition to the Smartrac LF glass label product line for use in implants, liquids and vacuum environments.
Its biocompatible glass capsules can withstand high temperatures, high acidity and other harsh industrial conditions.
Therefore, this product covers the application field of existing glass label products, while providing accurate and reliable temperature sensing and storage, no battery sensor or data recorder.

5. RFID technology realizes the asset tracking of huawei cloud to help unlock the new trend of smart logistics in sf express DHL logistics park

With the development of e-commerce industry becoming increasingly mature today, the surging purchasing power has become one of the reasons for the congestion of receiving goods.
As the leading logistics provider in the industry, sf express DHL has integrated products through in-depth data mining and analysis, real-time data presentation, management Suggestions and guidance, and statistical reports.
Through innovative RFID technology, asset tracking, real-time 3D display of warehouse (i.e. digital twin), statistical display of vehicle dispatching status, and warning of dangerous operation are realized.
While breaking through the traditional office parks, the cooperation between huawei cloud and sf express DHL presents valuable logistics solutions for the industry.

6. The matching of RFID and intelligent display solution will expand the application of RFID system

Ynvisible Interactive, a print electronics company based in Canada, has developed a printed electronic display that the company plans to use to solve the RFID problem.
The display already utilizes RFID access signals to provide the required low power, while also providing automatic visual indications of items, such as temperature offset, which may enhance the display capability of the RFID sensor to view information without a reader.
As a result, the solution is to use RFID to transmit unique ID Numbers and sensor data to the server, and for those who do not have a reader installed, it can also provide visual indicators indicating the tagged items that need attention.

A foreign life science company USES RFID technology to manage in vitro fertilization embryos

TMRW Life Sciences, inc., New York (hereinafter referred to as "TMRW") has created ivfOS™, an automated integrated platform for softwoot-guided embryo and cryopreservation management.
TMRW provides 100% physical and digital monitoring chains through RFID technology to protect and track eggs, embryos and sperm.
In addition, the ivfOS™ integrated platform, combined with innovative RFID technology and the highest standards of cryotherapy management, provides parents-to-be with the assurance that the core germ cells they conceive are safe.

8. Waste tires are tested and managed by RFID technology in Britain

Topolitica and PragmatIC will participate in the second phase of the UK government's GovTeh initiative to track and manage moving waste during recycling or disposal and apply RFID tags to hundreds of thousands of tyres.
GovTeh is a government-funded project to use cutting-edge technology to solve problems in the public sector.
The project is managed by the ministry of environment, food and rural affairs.
It focuses on how to better track waste items to ensure that the supply chain remains visible and efficient, avoiding losses.

9. The country's first smart poverty alleviation flagship store equipped with RFID technology has settled in daxing, Beijing

Wulan treasure, the country's first flagship store for poverty alleviation, was unveiled in daxing, Beijing, on December 20.
Through smart management, intelligent analysis, precision marketing, RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability and other modern retail management technologies, the store has given new economic growth points to poverty alleviation products.

10. Nantong chongchuan court independently developed the fixed assets management system based on electronic tags

Recently, the fixed assets management system based on electronic tag developed by chongchuan court of nantong city was officially put into operation.
The system can realize the remote supervision of the fixed assets by marking the electronic tag which can be recognized by wireless.
Through the application of this system, the in-place status of assets can be checked regularly, the status of equipment assets can be grasped in real time, and when the assets are not in place, the owner can be reminded to change in real time, which effectively solves the management problem of personnel change and large liquidity of fixed assets.

11. RFID in the competition field witnesses the results of each contestant

Timing system company Agee Race SensThys Timing and RFID technology company is selling for small and medium-sized and game time the solution of the company, allows customers to quickly build Timing system based on RFID, which developed the RaceKit Pro solution, this scheme provides a sponsor at the scene of the game can be used by the toolkit, designed as a small single and moderate price of hardware and software, is applicable to between 150 and 1000 participants in the conventional 5 km course projects.

12. Jinan realized 30 libraries to borrow and return with RFID, creating a 15-minute reading circle

Recently, the quancheng library alliance, which is planned and established in jinan, shandong province, provides an exploration model.
Each springs study unity is equipped with face recognition entrance guard system, RFID security system, self-service system, large data display system, borrowed Interlib library cluster management system, monitoring system, as well as books sterilization machine, book drop, etc., and all with various counties urban library "inter-library loan, also provides the readers with maximum convenience, saving human resources, eliminates the readers of books health concerns.

13. IntelliGuard announces the integration of IntelliGuard anesthesia with the Epic system

IntelliGuard ™, a global leader in RFID drug management technology, announced on December 9 the integration of IntelliGuard anesthesia solutions with Epic, the world's largest provider of electronic medical records.
With this integration, IntelliGuard will provide revolutionary and industry-leading RFID tracking technology for anesthesiologists, linked to Epic software, taking the healthcare industry one step closer to hospital interoperability.

14. RFID ticketing provider FineLine buys CPI and moves into public events management

FineLine Technologies announced the acquisition of Consolidated Printing Inc.(CPI), which marks FineLine's move into the field of public events management, enabling the company to leverage its data management and RFID capabilities to improve ticketing processes.