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Intelligent Packaging-05

Shenzhen Smartag technology co., LTD. And cooperate with Jiangmen YUCATAN Food co., LTD. Signed a smart packaging project, provides the high quality of RFID smart labels for Yucatan company, to ensure the food safety management in the sales process.
Enterprises have a unique label on each product RFID tags, contains the name of product specification information, production information, serial number, sales information and so on, in particular, the RFID electronic tag can record more detailed sales area, sales director, key parts serial number and other data and information, for goods has added a unique, integrity and confidentiality of the identity and attribute identifier (data and information provided by the demand for manufacturers and complete) with our company to discuss. This information can be used to solve the problem that bar code cannot complete the goods and anti-counterfeiting function once and for all. Can also use these information for later on other do sufficient data to provide evidence for the system, such as CRM (customer relationship management (CRM), end-to-end product whole life cycle quality process full traceability management, dealer management and so on.
1. Anti-channeling inquiry:
Aiming at different prices in different market strategies, in order to prevent the transregional, enterprise can be written to the tag set market partition, once local distributors have found other partitions the distributors in the area of sales, by holding a read/write device is easy to query to the channels through which the product is business sales.
2. Sales management (anti-channeling) :
By combining the RFID technology with the software of purchase, sale, storage and enterprise wide area network, the distribution enterprise can realize the comprehensive, effective and safe management and monitoring of the whole process of commodity distribution. Moreover, the company further obtains valuable data of commodity storage, logistics, sales and payment collection, providing valuable statistical information, data and statements for the business decision-making of the headquarters. Specific functions will include distribution area management (regional management, responsible management), regional performance management, personal performance management, report management, etc.
3. Anti-counterfeiting:
First of all, the RFID address code realizes anti-counterfeiting function. Address codes are globally unique and cannot be copied. The logistics situation of each label is recorded in the database. The forged ID number is not recorded in the database, which is easy to be checked and processed by the system and automatically alarm.
4. User query:
Through mobile phones or websites, users can find out which date the product is produced and which channel they purchase through. No need to check the relevant documents (complicated document query), direct mobile phone or the Internet to check whether the relevant information is genuine.
5. After-sales service:
After-sales service department by scanning the RFID electronic tag, tags and attributes of goods source saved in information, so as to repair goods to conduct a comprehensive, strict identification and verification, to ensure the interests of the company is not compromised, and effectively improve the quality of customer service. When there are quality problems or feedback from end users, the system can provide voice calls, E-mail, WEB and other information feedback channels, which can be received by after-sales service center.
6. Write label ID number:
Use the desktop uhf reader to write the electronic label ID number in batches, and the ID number can write the product name, model, specification, box number, area number, quality inspection number and other information. In addition, RFID electronic tags can choose to be encrypted, which can be determined according to the specific application. The encrypted electronic tag needs to enter the correct password in the RFID collector before it can read the encrypted electronic tag.
7. Product labeling:
Get the electronic label, affix the electronic label to each product before packing the finished product, scan the label and enter it into the warehouse.
8. Label ID binding area:
After the goods are sent out to the management center, when the goods need to be delivered to the agent, the product label ID number to be sent shall be collected into the system and bound to the corresponding agent number. The ID number of each batch of products will correspond to the agent number, which can be clearly seen on the system.
9. Query against cross-shipment:
When it is necessary to check whether the products have a bunch of goods, it is there that the products are delivered by a bunch of goods. Only need to read the product electronic tag number, pops out of the product such as product name, model, specification and the agent number information, products are strung together, string together the goods shipment, is there to be clear at a glance.