RFID Plate Tag

Product size: 20mm (can be designed according to customer needs)
Protocol: IS015693 or ISO14443A
Working frequency: 13.56MHZ
Chip: NXP ICODE SLIX, I-code SLI,S50 EV1, ULT-EV1, ULT-C,FM1108...
Read-write distance: about 3cm (Depends on the work environ
Application fields: intelligent dishes, product identification, vehicle identification, fixed asset management and other fields
The intelligent food plate, known as the Radio Frequency Identification service plate, is an automatic Identification tableware with an RFID chip implanted at the bottom of the food plate.
It is the core component of the quick settlement system of  self-selection restaurant, which is applicable to the dining halls of universities, enterprises and institutions, Chinese fast food chains and self-service hotpot restaurants.

Material: melamine tableware, RFID plate selection as the main raw material, has strong impact resistance, low damage rate, smooth texture and other characteristics.

RFID radio frequency chip is completely sealed in the bottom of tableware, normal use, cleaning will not be affected.