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RFID Tyvek Paper Wristband
  • RFID Tyvek Paper Wristband
  • RFID Tyvek Paper Wristband

RFID Tyvek Paper Wristband

Size: 255x25mm (customizable)
Antenna size: 52X15MM(customizable)
Chip: Ntag213,FM1108,S50 EV1, i-code 2, i-code X,Alien H3,Impinj M4, etc.(customizable)
Procotol: ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C
Frequency: 13.56 MHZ, 915MHZ
Dupont paper, also known as Norma paper, is an environmentally friendly non-woven cloth produced by dupont, also known as Tyvek or tevek.In wooden construction, used as a waterproof material for external walls and roofs.It is also called "breathing paper" because of its unidirectional permeability.It is a kind of high density polyethylene which is made of continuous filament by hot melt and then bonded by heat. This unique technology can produce light but very tough materials.Dupont paper products combine the advantages of paper, film and fiber into a whole, tough and durable, with strong tear resistance.

Wear type: disposable wrist band, 3M adhesive tape type
Application Area: sports timing, concert, tourist spot, playground, etc.
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