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Clothing Label

Chip:Alien H3 / Impinj M4 / U-CODE 7
Size:84X30MM(Customize according to customer requirement.)

Using RFID technology to help the fashion industry brands in supply chain management, retail management and the enterprise internal management to achieve rapid scanning and reading, and then realize products from raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, distribution, merchandising, sales, and even return of real-time monitoring, to establish a safe and reliable management mode, power enterprises to realize low cost and high efficiency of the supply chain operation system!

> unique code management, tracing the root of each item to eliminate the fake;
> label is inserted into each product, and the whole box is quickly sensed to realize full automatic receiving;
> instantly verifies the picking error, 100% eliminates more, less, and wrong;
> batch induction inventory, store inventory frequency can be greatly improved, to achieve 100% of the account matching is no longer a dream;
> warehouse full container batch induction delivery, the tunnel machine speed set the speed of the delivery speed, no longer affected by any human factors.

> RFID tag replaces the traditional feed-in paper, making the process data electronic and transparent in the process of production.
> RFID workshop kanban can display the data in the production process in real time.

Find production bottlenecks and intervene in time;