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Wooden Card

Product: Wooden Card
Chip: FM1108 S50, H3, R6P...
Size: 85.5*54*0.86mm~2mm or customized
Material: beech, black walnut, bamboo, basswood, shabili, cherry wood
Process: QR code, Printing, Hollowing, Laser Engraving
Operating temperature: -20°-80°C

TK4100、EM4200、T5577、Hitag1、Hitag2、Hitag s...
HF 13.56MHZ:
FM11RF08、Mifare1S50、Mifare1S70、MifareUltralight、I-CODE2、ICODE X,ICODE S...
UHF 860MHz-960MHZ:

Features of wooden cards:
1, durableWood is the most sustainable material in the world.Secondly, wood processing pollution is small, with good environmental coordination, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the processing process can show this point, wood packaging has good environmental characteristics;Compared with other materials, wood processing energy consumption is the least;In addition, wood has pleasing visual, tactile, olfactory and moisture characteristics.

2. Environmental protection and healthSolid wood determines its natural nature, giving people an innate affinity to these CARDS. Compared with plastic, rubber and metal products, its non-toxic and harmless nature determines that wood crafts are enough to occupy a place in the future.

3. High-end atmosphereWood membership card, chip card has become a new favorite of the successful people in today's society, environmental awareness is awakening today, wood membership card has become a fashion.

Type of wood material: