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UHF PPS 20mm Laundry Tags

Item No.: L02
Chip:Alien H3
Material: PPS
Operating temperature: -30 ~ +75 C

1, waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, high temperature resistant
2, the appearance of small, soft and flexible texture, comfortable wear
3, non-toxic, does not stimulate the skin

Application scope:
Widely used in laundry, engine maintenance identification, chemical raw materials such as wet environment

Application environment:
Laundry label is for the fabric printing and dyeing industry, washing industry, medical logistics and other professional fields and specially tailored to a safe non-toxic, wear-resistant, durable, green label. The utility model is also suitable for other high temperature, high humidity and high labor intensity operating occasions. Relevant information, such as the application of laundry stores began to install electronic tags, for washing clothes from the cashier and clothes sent to the factory by scanning the input of clothing, such as customer information and requirements, and then classified according to the categories of statistics, and then to the laundry, washing after washing and then write the information, scan sign.