ISO14443A Portable Card Reader

Item No.: 4
The IC-USB Card Reader ST-HF-02 is a high-frequency RFID reader/writer supporting ISO14443A/B and ISO15693 standards. Powered via USB interface, its portable design suits various scenarios.
The ST-HF-02 card reader is a portable read only card reader for non-contact smart CARDS developed based on ISO14443A international standard protocol. During the use, you can dial and plug at will (plug and play) without extra power supply. The exquisite and small shape is not only simple and convenient in use, but also has strong data processing ability, and reads steadily, accurately and reliably.
2. Use method and matters needing attention
2.1 use/install methods
After u connects the card reader to the computer, the card reader indicator light is "blue", indicating that the card reader has entered the state of waiting to swipe the card.
U note: test card reader to read the label method: open the output of the computer software (such as notepad WORDEXCEL editor), near the card reader, output software at this time the cursor displayed label card number.
2.2 test the way to connect the reader card to the computer
The reader enters the card swiping state, opens the "device manager" of the computer, and checks whether there is any anthropological input device in the menu of options. If there is any, it indicates that the device has been successfully connected to the computer.
2.3 matters needing attention and simple troubleshooting
Ø factors affecting card read distance is more, by using different protocols, different antenna design, the surrounding environment (mostly metals) and different CARDS, etc., will affect the actual card read distance.
Ø if card reader card read distance is too long, will cause the card read instability or failure, to avoid in the critical state (just can read card) card. Two readers that are too close will also interfere with each other.
Ø card read way, it is recommended that the card is on the card reader close to nature, with a card from the side quickly read card method is not desirable, to pay by credit card does not guarantee success.
Ø card, mouse operation, and is not recommended to avoid transmitting data error.
Whether Ø card have no reaction, interface plug; Whether the rf card is the corresponding RFID card class; Whether the rf card is broken; Is there any other rf card within the scope of card reading?
Ø forwarding data error: when the card is operating a mouse; Read the card in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference; Whether the communication cable between the card reader and the computer is too long; Read the card in the critical state.
3 application fields
Widely used in non-contact smart meeting attendance, advertising machine, fast food restaurant order system, office/mall/bath center locker safety control, various anti-counterfeiting system and production process control, data acquisition, etc.